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Hollie wins national Woman Who award in 2020

You can read all about Hollie's winning entry: click here

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Quote: “I am so honoured to receive this award for WomanWho Achieves in Networking. I love to bring people together and provide opportunities through great events where people can learn and get to know each other better. Thank you so much and congratulations to all of the other finalists.  I wore some new purple shoes for the awards, so now they are my lucky shoes!”

Winner of the Woman Who Achieves through Networking Award 2020
Hollie Whittles (WINNER)

What the Judges said: “A good entry and the judges were very impressed how Hollie originally networked to grow her own business through partnerships and relationships. She has gone on to enhance her experience of networking through various network groups and plugged a gap where other groups have stopped operating using digital marketing rather than traditional face to face, placing her in an ideal position for COVID.”

Woman Who Achieves through Networking Sponsored by Ladies First

  • Jenny Cross, Cross Productions
  • Julie Hawkins, Single Mums Business Network
  • Rosie McLaughlin, Embark Federation
  • Sarah Mullin, Sarah McBride Ltd
  • Cheryll Rawbone, Gallagher Coventry
  • Hollie Whittles, FraggleWorks Ltd WINNER