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Vision and goal setting workshop sold out for 2019

Hollie and  Helen Leathers partnered up once more to run their sold out vision and goal setting workshop at the Telford Marches Growth Hub.

A full day with Helen & Hollie, coaches and trainers in all things business and a lot more. Together we will help you…

    Get your vision for the next 12 months – what are your goals and how are you going to achieve them?
    Make sure they are part of YOUR vision and not something you have been told you feel that you SHOULD DO
    Create a strategic plan with measurable goals and realistic actions
    Discover the tools and techniques to empower you, and make your more efficient and successful
    Establish steps you can take right now to move you towards your goal

You will also receive:

    A free review of your plan after a month and the opportunity to book further coaching/accountability
    Templates for you to use in your business planning to help you work smarter

Past attendees have said:

"A rare opportunity to really look at what is important to us, coupled with great tools to help us achieve our goals. I would highly recommend this thought-provoking day – brilliant!"

"I loved the vision meditation as it allowed me to fully feel and experience the dreams I have, making them feel more achievable afterwards. One month on and I have achieved the goals I set in the workshop."

“ The course made me take a step back, re-evaluate my business and make a more focussed plan for the future.

"Hollie and Helen were great and brought lots of knowledge and personality to the day!”

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Download the eBook: here