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Shropshire Enterprise Emporium

Shropshire Enterprise Emporium for Entrepreneurs

FraggleWorks are part of a thriving local community including freelance contractors, inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs of rural England. The Shropshire Emporium allows people to take a virtual tour of the wonderful goods and services produced in the shadow of the Shropshire Hills.

Using the portal, you will find hundreds of local businesses, such as ourselves, showcasing their entrepreneurial skills and wares, bringing local trade to your screen and high quality services to your doorstep.

“Emporium” is an old-fashioned term for a department store, marketplace or trading centre in ancient towns and cities. The Enterprise Emporium is the modern day equivalent allowing you to find all those wonderful businesses in Shropshire.

For more information, please visit the: Shropshire Enterprise Emporium

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