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Training, Consultation
Coaching and Mentoring


We have a special interest in small business and new business start-ups who can often be overwhelmed with where to start when setting up their new business.


We will help you come up with a plan and strategy to help guide you through developing your business and also motivating yourself to drive it forward.


We also run regular training courses on all aspects of running a business from strategy to sales, from marketing and branding, to tools and automation.

Search Engine Optimisation
and Google Analytics


We can plan ways to optimise your website in order to help it be listed in relevant search engine results. We will help guide you in creating good and relevant content for your website.

We will go through Google Analytics with you so your success can be monitored.


This includes how many hits it is getting, what keywords people searched for, which pages people stayed on for the longest and so on.

Logo Design



If you would like a logo for your business, we can help.


We work with fabulous designers who will create the perfect logo to match your business identity which you can use online, on business cards, social media site, flyers and so on.


If you would like to see some examples of what we've created then please get in touch.